My best friend and I

My best friend and I

Everyday holds something new and amazing, it's just how you perceive it. 

My journey began in Vilnius, Lithuania, where I was born. A quick four years later, I found myself lost, confused and very nauseous on a plane to Chicago, where I spent my childhood roaming around the suburbs, debating who I am and where I'm really from. 

Growing up was weird. 

A lot of time was spent on MySpace, where I developed my love for digital design. I'd spend hours searching for codes, trying to achieve the perfect page, matching colors, picking fonts, constantly tweaking and renewing something. I didn't understand what I was doing but, I loved it.

With no hesitation I applied to and attended DePaul University's the School of Design in Chicago, where I graduated from in June 2017. I hold Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in Interactive and Social Media (UX Design). I graduated as a cum laude and was apart of the Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Society. 

I am now located in Denver, Colorado, where my heart belongs. I love animals, food, the outdoors, traveling and nice beer and wine.